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Little Flower Hut sends some love - same day!

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Little Flower Hut, a homegrown brand, are a bunch of flower loving folks and they offer a range of bouquets that will suit your every need. They have been spreading their love for flowers since 2010 and I was one of the lucky recipients of their bouquets.  
“Happiness held is the seed, happiness shared is the flower.” 

The sister was home for the week and I decided to surprise her with it together with a box of palmiers. Such is sweet love eh? Sharing is caring, I say. 

I love my flowers because they light up the home so much with the pops of colours they come in and call it ESP, they arrived in my favourite hydrangeas, roses and succulents!  Delicate flowers to deal with, especially hygrangeas but they lasted quite well even after a good 5 days. Have you encountered flower bouquets that wither way too fast? I definitely have.


Of course the other trick is to choose flowers that are hardier, I was told before the way to test a man’s love for you is to ask for tulips, because they do not last. In fact, within the same day they will be heading southwards…yet that said, I still love tulips for their colours and how delicately sweet they make the bouquets look.
Of their product range, I actually like their happy hour bouquets best – so unique and it instantly becomes a talking point. Martini glasses are dressed up in mock cocktails and topped with seasonal blooms.


(Photo credit: Little Flower Hut)
We can have our cocktails and drink it without the calories!
There are various ways to ordering from them, you can order online or SMS and call them. 
A major plus point for me is their same day delivery in Singapore option – especially in situations where I need them pronto and arranging flowers to congratulate a friend for a newborn really cannot be planned ahead. I was caught off guard before and had to deal with buying from any florist that would deliver and I had to take the available blooms! Talk about having no choice sometimes.
Thank you Little Flower Hut for sending some love my way, I enjoyed them while they lasted!

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