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Gin Khao @ Sentosa Quayside Isle

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~Media Invite~

Gin Khao is known for Thai food amongst diners and they have launched a vegetarian menu to open up more options to diners, even creating vegetarian versions of their popular dishes.

But first, coconuts because we are having thai food.

Tom Yum Mushroom  Soup($12.80)

Who'd have thought that tom yum soup can be made vegetarian and still taste so good? The spice levels can be higher but I am definitely not complaining when they nailed the sour and spiciness

Cault Marmite ($12.80)

Cauliflower fritters tossed in marmite batter and deep fried. This turned out to be a surprising dish and a really addictive one too. The only grouse is it has to be eaten fast else it turns soggy.

Mapo Tofu ($10.80)

Hot Tofu with Basil ($10.80)

Of the two tofu stir fry dishes, the basil version was closer to basil chicken. Mapo missed out on the tongue numbing spiciness though.

Thai Glass Noodles with Mushroom Pot ($12.80)

This typically comes with river prawns or even crabs so it ended up on the sweet side with just mushrooms and glass noodles. Eat it fast or risk a pot of clumpy glass noodles.

Phad Thai Veggies ($10.80)

This worked for me, including that tangy finish. I liked the crunch and chewy rice noodles.

Thai Spicy Crispy Noodles ($8.80)

This was heavy on thai sweet sauce rendering the whole dish sweet. I'm not sure if I like this at all. The lack of texture with the light crispiness of it and ends off soggy.

Salt and Pepper Tofu ($9.80)

Great as a pre dinner snack and even as a non vegetarian entree, best enjoyed with mayonnaise I say!

Taro Fritter ($8.80)

This comes with sweet potato coated with yam, perfect for fans of root vegetables.

Wok Fried French Beans with Olive Leaves ($9.80)

Anything with olive leaves tastes delicious and it gave this stir fry the added flavour.

Yum Wakame ($9.80)

Served cold, this is another to consider for an appetiser. Slightly tangy and refreshing. 

Occasionally I seek vegetarian for a meal or two and Gin Khao heads straight to my list of a revisit though I have my preferred dishes. 

Gin Khao
Sentosa Quayside Isle

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