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Crystal Lotus @ Hongkong Disneyland Hotel, Hong Kong

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Crystal Lotus has been ranked by netizens for the best Disney dimsum in Hong Kong so with that in mind, I had to indulge in their cartoon dimsum. These are mainly available on weekends and if you are visiting a week day, these have to be pre-ordered.


 We scored seats overlooking Mickey's garden and the seaside. I'd imagine how more lovely it would be before Typhoon Mangkut struck.


Appetisers of edamame and braised tofu!


 Star Wars Baked Egg Custard Puff (HKD 68)


 I vaguely made out star wars from it and these piping hot baked treats were good as custard mooncakes even.

 Three Little Pigs Barbecue Pork Buns (HKD 88)
These char siew paus had the same ratio for meat and pau and surprisingly tasted really good! The sauce was on point and my only grouse is the amount of char siew. DSC_5578
 Duffy and Shellie May Steamed Sweet Bun (HKD 78)

I'm not such a huge fan of either duffy or shellie may but these kaya and red bean filled buns were definitely too cute to ignore. Fluffy as can be too! DSC_5590

Jack's Party Platter (HKD 128)  
Prawn Dumpling, Pumpkin Seafood Pie, Mummy Vegetable Bun 

This limited edition available only till 31 October was a must order since it is Halloween too. Of the three, the pumpkin pie was most impressionable with the crisp layer that gave way to a tasty seafood filling too. That one truly stole the show for being so underrated!


Char Siew Platter (HKD 150) 

Decently charred roast pork chunks with a generous lather of char siew sauce - looks like Crystal Lotus does do some pretty decent dishes apart from too cute to eat dimsum too! The only set back is the premium we are paying for being in Disneyland.

Vegetables (HKD 150) 

 And yeah, I paid through my nose just for greens. Their dimsum is generally flatter than I thought and did not hold up as well.


Huge props to the team for entertaining the twoddler first with stickers...

Plates and cutlery!


And this is what kept him busy.


Crystal Lotus
Hongkong Disneyland Hotel

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