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Celestial Court @ Sheraton Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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Our options for dimsum are a tad more limited with a twoddler since some places have strict rules on the age of the child so then we decided on Celestial Court at Sheraton just opposite where we stayed. It was awarded a Certificate of Distinction by the Michelin guys, not that it mattered to me anyway - good food always prevails!


Depending which lift you take, you may end up at different entrances in their humongous restaurant.



I am pampered by all these good dimsum in Hongkong such that it has become a basic for dimsum to have delicately thin skin and juicy sweet prawns. Anything less is substandard.


I decided to get adventurous with this uni springroll, creamy goodness in every bite. I was still wondering how does cooked uni taste in a fried spring roll.


XO Sauce fried cheong fun came in such huge portions, this would serve as a mains itself! Coated with a layer of tasty sauce, each was perfumed with a char and smoky fragrance. I wish we did not over order so I can have more space for more.


These baked swans were so pretty! Too pretty to eat if I may add.


Black pepper beef fillings in these flaky pastries.


Leaving Hongkong without trying these baked abalone tarts is sacrilegious. Buttery mushroom tart with a tender baby abalone, so sinfully good!


Pan fried char siew buns are their version of the staple.


I like how panfrying give this more bite and the addictive crispy layer.


Vegetables which also tasted better than usual, I reckon it was the holiday vibes.


In true decadent fashion, I just had to order these birds nest egg tarts to satisfy my curiosity about them. Just what makes these worth paying for. First the chilled bird's nest topping is such a treat on the incredibly fragrant tart and smooth custard. I finally got the fuss about birds nest egg tarts, such a divine treat!

I actually forgot we paid Celestial Court in Sheraton KL a visit and now Hong Kong's, no surprises which is more outstanding here!

Celestial Court
Sheraton Hong Kong

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