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Basque Kitchen by Aitor @ Amoy Street

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Expectations are high for this new opening by Unlisted Collection, especially since the shutters were closed on Black Wattle so quickly and the chef has such illustrious beginnings, think the likes of Iggy's.

With an almost impossible to ignore 50 off discount from their lunch and dinner menus, I had to pay them a visit.

4 courses is priced at $45, so that meant I got the below dishes for $26.50, taxes included.


Fried Oyster

Jamon Ham Croquette

Two fried items for the appetizers proved to be a delicious start. I love how light the batter is, except it was a tad oily.

Pickled Watermelon and Cucumber water jelly

It is confusing if you read too much into watermelon but I enjoyed the textures and refreshing flavours put forth.
Sour dough with handchurned butter

Freshly baked and I clearly overdosed on this. Three slices and two large dollops of spiced butter later, I called it a day.

Cherry Gazpacho
Pickled watermelon, cottage cheese snow

Watermelon is probably put to good use with two courses at least using it. Here I get the fleshy bits pickled and swimming in cherry gazpacho. The cottage cheese snow worked like a charm, it was a mind game of its own - icy cold on its own yet when mixed in, it was perfection in every bite.

Oxtail "Bomba" Rice
Braised oxtail, chive aioli

This usually comes with quail's egg yolk but I opted without and I was greeted with 5 spoons worth of paella like course. Tasty grains soaked in a rich gravy and shredded braised oxtail.

Black Grouper
Battered black grouper, piquillo espuma, sweet pea

I already spotted similarities of this dish and the others attempted earlier. Boredom unfortunately kicked in at this point and everything on the dish was seen before. Fine it was  fresh slab of fish with a delicious batter and the end.


Glazed strawberries, vanilla milk icecream

Dessert was a sweet finale with strawberries and icecream, a really creamy and milky one.

The kitchen surprised me with petit fours, mandarin jelly and green apple marshmellow both were a tad too sweet but nobody's complaining.

I am wondering if lunch itself is a good gauge of the cuisine in general, or maybe not. Dinner definitely looks more promising and steak is one of the Basque specialties, except beef over lunch is sous vide.

I am keeping my options open for a return, and maybe when they have gotten things up and running and finalized, a return will be on the cards.

Basque Kitchen by Aitor
97 Amoy Street

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  1. Where did you come across the 50% discount, and when is it valid till? thanks!

    1. whoops sorry, it was on the owner's instagram account and he publicised the 50 off. The offer has since ceased though.