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The Alley Cafe @ Stewart Lane, Penang

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 Cafe hopping has not been my agenda in Penang even back in the first trip and with such a packed schedule and a toddler in tow, I only had time for one cafe and it was after dinner. Talk about...what cafe hopping really.


I LOL-ed at this corner, remember to head all the way in for quirky corners like these.


Babycino for the littlest came with his first dash of milo powder. Milk moustache and his gummy smiles made this venture worth it.


I am loving how cafes are venturing beyond coffee and tea - my burnt lemonade included. It's zesty and tangy and just the refreshing respite after a tum busting dinner.




And a side of peanut candy - it's these little local and nostalgic touches that makes Alley Cafe so charming.


Had I known the drinks came with peanut candy, I may have just opted for a different topping for my churros. These are a must try!


Chewy, crispy and oh holy cow so yummy with that salted caramel dip and peanut candy topping. I take back my words about being too full. Even with two churros each, I was lemming for more. These are just soooo good.


Then comes another not very common and must try burnt cheesecake.

It is velvet smooth, not too sweet and is paired with sweet whipped cream. A sweet and simple finale that would rival the churros for a die die must try dessert here.


Until the next time, The Alley Cafe!

The Alley
5, Stewart Ln, Georgetown, 10200 George Town, Penang

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