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Sri Weld Food Court @ Penang

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I love street food for breakfast and I was pointed in the direction of this food court with all the food gems from all over. The first visit was a bummer when it was closed for cleaning - two days! Anyhow I had the luck to be around when they finally opened their doors and I was greeted with a bustling food court. I decided to pig out even after having a full hotel buffet breakfast.


Right at the entrance is a boiling wok of oil and this tudong clad lady was busy kneading dough and frying. Talk about some serious multi tasking going on.


These over ripened jackfruits were sitting so prettily on the counter and then I spied jackfruit fritters. Have a good guess if we made to trying these.


You bet. A bag of these to boot.


It is a no brainer by now that the Malays do such awesome possom fried food and these fritters are no exception. Crispy, fragrant and who'd ever think of frying jackfruits even. Hands down most sinful eaten this trip but so worth every calorie!


These banana leaf packets are all lined up according to flavour and you literally get to pick from a good 5 different ingredients, prawns, fish, egg, chicken and squid.


Just next to the fritter shop is the famous Ali Nasi Lemak. Rows of banana leaves and piping hot coconut rice scooped and there was a factory line formed to wrap these for selling immediately.

DSC_2944 DSC_2940


The cheapest RM 1.80 nasi lemak ever eaten and there is everything to love about it. From portions to the sweet yet spicy chilli and rice even. So good, this can be eaten without extra ingredients.


Another stall that is high on the foodie list is this award winning mee goreng.


Declared a champ, I thought this was pretty ordinary. Saucy and that is really just about it.

There are many other stalls but stomach space is always an issue but one worth a visit!

Sri Weld Food Court, Beach St, 10200 George Town, Penang

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