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Seng Seng Heang @ Air Itam, Penang

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 I knew that pastries are Penang's forte but having gone with the big brands before, I wanted to steer clear of those and hopefully stumble upon lesser known ones -all the more if they still make them by hand and have them paper wrapped. Who was I kidding anyway.

Thanks to Air Itam Penang Laksa and Ah Chui, we managed to locate Seng Seng Heang nearby. Home grown, only two outlets to their name and they promise that their products are made, baked and sold on the spot.


I was clearly drawn to this.


Peering through the looking glass brought me to these baked char siew buns.


And I bought one almost instantly to try. To be honest I don't even fancy siew bao and this hit all the notes. So yummy!


Not forgetting yet another weakness for sweet and savoury paus, this pandan and floss one was delicious too!


These Beh Teh Saws are my weakness. I used to get these pre packed ones from those souvenir shops en route to Malacca or KL and until I tried the freshly made ones, it's a road of no return.


These sesame seed speckled beauties.


Look at that gorgeous pastry and sticky savoury and sweet filling. These aren't the easiest things to eat yet, worth the mess.


These brown sugar balls were morsel sized, stiff and packed a delicious layer of crumbed brown sugar within.


Presenting the Tambun series that go by so many other names. I just know to buy them when I spot these around.


Bite sized.


I swiped three flavours, or as many as I can possibly hand carry and gift.


Original, Sambal and Durian made the cut with their flavour description alone. My favourite was actually the sambal! Mildly spicy and so addictive. Durian was unfortunately only smelling the part and tasting nowhere near a durian dessert.


I love how these are packed in twos and great for gifting! Plus points for hygiene too.


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