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Moh Teng Pheow Nyonya Kuih @ Jalan Masjid, Penang

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DSC_2386 Kueh was on my radar for Penang, I've simply read and heard so much about them! Moh Teng Phoew Nonya Kuih goes way back in time for these Penangnites and it is almost hard to miss it down an alley. With such a red exterior and an almost faded signage, it is telling of its former glory. DSC_2387 Wall murals adorn the outlet and I guess this is a result of tourists too. I could not resist a snap too. DSC_2388 Be greeted by an old school glass cabinet. Order sheets are at the counter and the staff will pick your selections for you. DSC_2390 They even have a book written on them! DSC_2394 Just being around the shop gives you snippets of their history and it is really quite interesting! Who'd have thought a single visit to the kueh shop would be so educational. DSC_2392 I wish I ordered this to go - ah well, next time! Nasi lemaks are a dime too many in Penang and having the space for all is another issue altogether. That said, this is considered one of their best sellers too. DSC_2393 Fancy a dine in? Grab one of those chairs in their open concept dining area. Feels just like dining in someone's house. DSC_2433 I checked off so many boxes because prices were so affordable, RM 0.60 onwards for each and with so many varieties, I should have just checked all. DSC_2436 Portions are morsel sized and not suitable for sharing. In fact, these are one bite sized. DSC_2437 I found a number that I do not usually find locally - pulut tai tai has grated coconut in gula melaka instead of the kaya version we have. DSC_2438 For the portions and the prices, it may seem pricey for some. I beg to differ though because this allows variety without taking too much stomach space when I'm on my way chomping down Penang. Except, these bite sizes does make eating less satisfying - the whole notion about holding your kueh and chomping in whole. I have my favourites in the lapis sagu, lempur udang and karipop. Else the rest really make pretty tea time treats! Moh Teng Pheow Nyonya Kuih Address: Jalan Masjid (Off Chulia Street), 10200, Georgetown, Penang.

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