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Mid Autumn 2018: Conrad Centennial

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 Conrad Centennial's snowskin mooncake selection is set to wow this year with a number of new flavours, infact those gifted were new creations. Deep down I am a snowskin fan because of all the combinations that are endless, every year there seems to be a surprise in every hotel for that!


Meet the four snowskin beauties of 2018.


Ondeh Ondeh Snowskin

Paying homage to our local favourite, I love ondeh ondehs actually. That burst of gula melaka in that chewy ball of glutinous rice skin spells nothing but shiok. The chefs recreated an elegant piece with a pandan coconut skin, pandan kaya filling and right within lies gula melaka kissed grated coconut. Top marks of creativity I say! 


Passion Fruit Snowskin


I liked this best of the quartet, it's fruity and fragrant! I'm not sure about the passionfruit seeds embedded though that gives it a slight crunchy texture. 



Green Tea Snowskin and Royal Chocolate Hazelnut Snowskin are your typical snowskin mooncake flavours which are also a favourite amongst the children especially. 

Golden Peony Snowskin Treasures (2 pieces per flavour, excluding Durian Snowskin) is great for all snowskin fans because you get a variety of flavours!

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