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House of MU @ Mohamed Sultan Road

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~Invited Session~
House of MU is both a restaurant and a furniture shop, specializing in collectible Burmese teak pieces. The brainchild of three partners, Suzanna Ho, Joel Low and David Yong, the concept combines their common love and expertise – food and collectable Burmese teak furniture. The trio has specially commissioned furniture designs fashioned from highly sought-after Burmese teak.


Freshly baked bread basket that got me hankering after those spicy bread sticks. These are so addictive!


Mushroom Soup ($9)

Creamy, earthy goodness that went so well with the soup!


Panseared Scallops ($18)
Cauliflower puree, fresh apple

I mistook the puree for mayo and no sharing please of these delicious bulbs.

Munster Platter (3-4pax sharing, $138)
Prime cuts of Angus Steak, NZ Lamb, Roasted Chicken, Pork Tenderloin, Herbed Sausages, Roasted Vegetables, Baby Potatoes, Homemade Sauces

Just this should be suffice for the main course and nothing else, pity it arrived last too because my this time I was hinging on too stuffed. Sous vide tender steak, charred lamb and pork and not to forget the rest of the delicious platter. 


Always share when it comes to platters else the the vegetables always get left behind. 

As part of their DIY series, diners can pick their own ingredients for both risotto and pasta dishes. 


Risotto ($14)
Truffle Cream ($6)
Crayfish ($6)


Aglio Olio Linguine ($14)
Vongole ($6)

Part of their DIY series is both pasta and risotto and that gives diners plenty of control of what ingredients go into their plates. Both were really outstanding dishes and I'd say the more ingredients the tastier and merrier.

Munster Dessert Platter (4-5pax sharing, $46)
Classic Creme Brulee, Frozen Chocolate and Peanut Butter Popsicle


Never say no to dessert and if appetite permits head for the platter to get a bite of everything they have to offer. I particularly loved the raspberry granite and popsicle.

House of MU
11 Mohamed Sultan Road

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