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Fat Burger @ Kinex Mall

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~Invited Session~


Say HEY to the new FAT in town, Fresh, Authentic and Tasty burgers hailing from the US of A. Known for juicy burgers, Fatburger will be co-branded with Buffalo's Express, known for chicken burgers and chicken sandwiches.


If you can, try watching the kitchen move like a clockwork and deliver burgers on schedule!


The legendary classic, The Original ($7.50) is fully customizable with toppings of pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, relish and mayo. Juicy patties wins half the battle and I enjoyed the full works.

That delicious shade of pink.


Quad Burger ($15.90)

The is original upsized four times over and it is massive. Only if you are hungry, the Quad Challenge is up for those with the appetite and would like a place in their hall of fame.


Meet Baby Fat.


Low carb options are available without the burger buns, I would have ordered the Baby Fat version if I knew earlier! Baby Fat's the slider size of their burgers and is included in their kids menu.


As for their nibbles, there is a whole array to select from and truly those itself is a meal already. Select from Sweet Potato Fries ($5.90), thick cut fries or  freshly made Onion Rings. Their onion rings definitely deserve a mention as they are made on site every day with onions dipped in special batter and fried.

Buffalo Express' chicken tenders are worth a mention and they come with 7 signature sauces from sweet, spicy to death valley. These sauces have been customised to our local palette but still missing out on the shiok in death valley!

Wash the sin down with their rich and creamy milkshakes, made with hand scooped icecream.
If queueing is not your thing, Fatburger will be available on delivery platforms soon.

Kinex Mall (Previously OneKM Mall)

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