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Eng's versus Eng's: Wanton Mee Wars

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The war betwene Fei Fei's and Eng's belong to 1990's and this age, we are talking about the hottest saga - Eng's versus Eng's, literally across the street and with a same same but different product.

At 250 Tanjong Katong Road is where Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh used to be, they have taken over lock stock and barrel.


Their signature super hot chilli!

DSC_4685 DSC_4687 DSC_4688

Wanton noodle prices start from $4.50, regardless soup or dry. Each comes with slivers of char siew, blanched vegetables and two wrapped wantons.

I love the springy noodles, how each mouthful was so lardy...and that made the meal so satisfying with a generous douse of chilli sauce.


Greed got the better of me as usual and between 3 of us we shared a bowl of wanton soup.

This visit made me considering revisiting for more of their noodles. Truth be told, they are worlds apart from the first day I attempted them at Dunman Food Centre. Back then Feifei's owned the wanton noodle game locally and nobody else came close. Today, the tables are turned and Eng's is back for good. I love it that this outlet provides more side dishes to choose from too!

So first time charmed, the second time I decided to be itchy mouth and backside and headed to their first shop just opposite the road.


This is Eng's at 287 Tanjong Katong Road.


I would think the occupancy for both is the same and the ordering system is slightly different. This outlet, you order and pay at the same time while the other lets you order, eat and then pay.


Spot the same same and still same power chilli they pedal.


The differentiator is this tub of fried lard bits. Fried to crisp and goes so well with the noodles.


Similarly their wanton noodles are priced from $4.50 too.


This time I topped up with fried wantons. Anyway the menu is limited.


Me and my greedy plate of lard.


Oddly, at this stall there was a significantly lesser amount of lard used in the noodles hence the alkaline taste was obvious.

Satisfaction was not as high as the opposite outlet too. I will be sticking to 248/250 Tanjong Katong's for now.

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