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Chengdu Restaurant Revisited @ Amoy Street

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~Invited Session~ Chengdu Restaurant has launched a series of Autumn and Winter cold and hot dishes - so no better time to return I guess! DSC_5483 Ice Ball with Whelk ($24.80) arrived in grandeur with the full works of dry ice effect and the waitress quipped we could continue with the effects if we liked and proceeded to douse it with water. These carved ice balls are works of art though I am wondering what happens to them after every order. Needling out the whelk is therapy amidst the stack of pickled green chillies. I love the crunchy yet slippery texture of it! DSC_5450 Cold Sliced Pig Trotters with Noodles and Spicy Dip ($16.80) DSC_5464 As usual I wish they had more spice than they presented. Coated with a layer of chilli oil and fragrant sesame seeds, this chilled number makes an appetizing starter. DSC_5454 Homemade Pickled Radish ( $9.80) These pickles are not to be belittled, laced with a certain mouthwatering spiciness, this actually stands out for being this spicy and the refreshing crunch. DSC_5498 Stuffed Lotus Root with Prawn ($26.80) This reminds me of yong tau foo with the prawn paste on lotus root presentation. It is given a spice rub and fried with peppers. DSC_5484 Spicy Crab ($46.80) I was looking forward to this dish mainly because this is the first time I'm having spicy crab, different from the usual chilli, salted egg, black pepper crab. DSC_5491 Apart from the crabs, there's a whole assortment of other ingredients in the spicy pot. Cauliflower, cucumber and potatoes makes this more than just another crab hotpot. DSC_5494 Spicy Mala Pot ($19.80) This is different from fragrant hot pot actually, it's more of a spicy dry rub in this stir fry. Luncheon meat, cauliflower, prawns and potatoes made up this mala pot, I would have preferred other ingredients in this - rice cakes, pork belly and even lotus root for example! DSC_5476 Spicy Pork Ribs ($18.80) Another cold dish is this spicy pork ribs served in a glass bottle. Gimmicks aside, these meaty bites are paired with refreshing cucumber cubes - yummy! DSC_5495 Beggar Potato ($12.80) With just 20 portions sold daily, order one of these to be one of those lucky ones! DSC_5501 Deep fried crispy mashed potato balls coated with twenty spices, these nibbles are great as pre meal nibbles and these are just so irresistible. Which of these dishes are you tempted by? Else you can just check out their classics which I had the other visit! Chengdu Restaurant 74 Amoy St

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