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Blue Lotus celebrates classics and new dishes

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~Invited Session~

Come September, the menus at Blue Lotus' outlets will undergo a slight revamp so we got together and celebrated their signatures over a meal of classics. Presented were each outlet's bestsellers and I got to try a new item too - read on to find out which one will be launched soon!

Blue Lotus Chinese Eating House

Blue Lotus Signature Chilli Pomelo Crab ($8/100g)
Best if I may add on the island - there is no words or no comparison with any other chilli crab actually. It is that unique - from the rempah to the pomelo, specially curated ingredients put together for that single moment in time that makes me ditch my manicured nails for a good tuck in - licking the gravy off my fingers and truly maintaining an image over crabs is one of the toughest ever, so don't bother.

Meaty crabs make it to this dish with each averagely weighing in at 1.2 kilograms. Hefty crustaceans but worth every ounce and calorie. The spiciness is mouthwatering, gravy so robust that there is no better way to eat the chilli crab gravy except in this dish because of the simmering of crabs in it.
Lemongrass Prawn Sticks with Citrus Spicy Dressing ($18)

Prawn and chestnut paste skewered in lemongrass sticks and grilled before they are served with a piquant citrus dressing.
Crispy Fried Giant Prawn Wontons with Sweet and Sour sauce ($16)
These palm sized wantons are indeed larger than life, I love the crunch and addictiveness of this snack, except the sauce was a dampener. A really confusing pairing.

Blue Lotus Chinese Grill House
Crab Ball Mini Burgers with Signature Chilli Pomelo Sauce ($
At each outlet, there will be a crab and durian specialty respectively, these burgers are for those who want to indulge without the mess. Bite sized morsels of fried heaven - those fluffy mantous have a different texture altogether when halved and fried. Remember to go for an additional spoon of sauce, so yummy!
Hickory Smoked Honey Glazed Kurobuta Pork Ribs
New to the table is this rack of smoked and glazed ribs. Mearty, fall off the bone and comes with just a char, if you aren't a fan of ribs, you will be after this dish.
Barramundi Fish Paste Noodles in Hot and Sour Clear Consomme
Conceived after a night's out and nursing a hangover, Ricky, the restaurateur has such a knack for flavours, this has to be the single hangover dish I'd lust after too. Sour, spicy and truly an awakening, the magic lies in those syringe piped fish paste noodles and broth that bears no trace of fishyness. Gone are the days where fish paste noodles are considered premium because of the effort involved, Blue Lotus just brought affordable to the table.

Blue Lotus Kitchen + Bar
Seafood Marinara Pita Pizza
That wafer thin crisp pizza base is to die for though the seafood marinara is equally delish. Great for those who want their pizza and eat it without the ridiculous amount of calories.
Tiger Prawns Red Risotto ($18.80)

This red headed dish is a must try - a cross between thickened porridge and paella, risotto is hard to please actually but the smokeyness of those prawns and creaminess of the risotto makes it an outstanding dish to order.

I wish I had space for dessert - but look out for my post on their mooncakes!

Each outlet has its specialties and close to my heart and stomach has to be Blue Lotus Chinese Eating House - the chilli crab itself is to die for, paired with the million dollar view of the yachts. What is better than dreaming of a better life over the best crabs in town?

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