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Ah Chui Seafood @ Ayer Itam, Penang

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My real intent of visiting Ayer Itam is for Ah Chui. Seafood is high on the agenda and fact is, they only do seafood. Don't expect pork, beef or chicken at this humble outlet. 


This open concept kitchen right infront of the restaurant is such a smart and efficient usage of space. They have clearly taken a leaf from the high end restaurants about being open and clearly nothing to hide from the public. It does shed some light about what does behind the scenes and hygiene is out for everyone to view! 


Picking the day's freshest catch is one of the exciting things before dinner. Even with live seafood, the spread is sufficient. 



Scaling and cooking are all done in different stages, but all in the front of the restaurant. 


Signature fish ball soup

I'm typically not one to order fish balls, much less fish ball soup per se. These were unlike the commercial bouncy fishballs, with more bite and less chewy. A first time ever, I asked for seconds. 


Stir fried sweet potato leaves without belachan, I'm not sure why though but this was yummy too. Vegetables with wok hei can hardly go wrong. 


Garlic clams are a must order, on top of all the other dishes we had. It's intensely fragrant and those clams are crazily sweet too. How can these small creatures taste so good!


Fried baby prawns just because I saw the old uncle handling this with such skill and almost every table had an order of this or fried squid! As addictive as keropok and only better. 


And for the signature of all signatures, fish done two ways. We had it done Hong Kong style. 


Also in their spicy sambal sauce. 

Both versions were excellently executed. Perfect timing for the frying and steaming. Kudos to the kitchen for thinking up such a creative way of consuming two styles in a single dish. 


Last and not the very least, we had a stir fried mee goreng with ikan bilis. A very simple dish and so tasty too. 

The meal set us back for less than RM 150 and boy was it worth every cent. Portions are generous too!

Ah Chui Seafood
1238 T, Taman Indah, Jalan Paya Terubong
 11060 Ayer Itam, Penang

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