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Xing Chang Le (星长乐) @ Aeon Mall

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For the first time, I actually hecked my meal plan and headed into a mall and decided what to eat based on the crowd and the menu.

Located next to Dragon-I, I was surprised the turnout was continuous.


Shrimp Siew Mai


Shrimp Dumpling

None to scream about yet decent dimsum staples.


Sze Chuan Style Dumplings

A let down with sweet chilli sauce.


Shanghai Style Soup Dumplings were no Din Tai Fung since the skin tore and the soup spilled out even before they got eaten.


Char Siew Buns

For such a dimsum chain, the paus are pretty decent and is on par with some of the pau specialists out there!


Shrimp and Beancurd Skin with Cheese


Shrimp Rice Noodle Rolls


Deep Fried Shrimp Rice Noodle Rolls

I'm not sure which disappointed more, the rice noodle roll or the over fried dough stick.


Stir Fried Dragon's Green 


Stir Fried Baby Pak Choy


Wanton Noodle Soup

Surprise of all surprises, the wanton noodle is a really legit version with springy noodles (no alkaline taste - hooray!) and meaty wantons.

All for RM 110.95 and with the waiver of GST, the meal became cheaper than expected! For a halal dimsum place, this is worth a visit.

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