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Wai Kee Roast @ Chulia Street, Penang

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We chanced upon this roast meat stall and lo and behold, a lunch queue had formed and it was not long before it snaked down the corner. Being asian and queuing is so ingrained in our lives - queueing always means some thing is good and worth our time so yes, we joined the queue and took a grand total of 30 minutes.


All for Wai Kee, a household name for roast meats, particularly the rosated char siew.


That glorious char.



On top of roast pork, duck and steamed chicken, they also offer innards and preserved sausages. Decide what you would like to order before you face the cook, else it would be a harrowing experience facing him.


He swiftly grabs the chunk and chops away as you are making your order.


Halfway my order and I topped up with preserved sausages - because why not? I am already in Penang.


RM 8 of siew yoke, char siew and sausages with vegetables. The meats were chopped so fine, it lacked bite. However, the char siew definitely stood out for that honeyed, burnt and juicy bite.

Perhaps I'd have gone just for the good old char siew rice.

Wai Kee
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