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Pandan Chiffon @ Dulcet and Studio

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I've had as many scoop cakes as cream puffs at Tampopo Deli and when they started reselling their cakes at Dulcet and Studio, it was a happy problem - more outlets for these delicious bakes. For the longest time I considered getting their miniature pandan chiffon and perhaps Bengawan Solo has done an absolutely awesome job in branding themselves as the chiffon cake place, I resisted for awhile for fear of disappointment.


$6.50 worth of moist fluffy happiness. This lacked the spongeyness of a Bengawan Solo pandan chiffon but this was twice as fragrant and as moist! YUM. Looks like we found an alternative, and a cheaper one too!

Do you have a favourite pandan chiffon cake seller other than Bengawan Solo too?

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