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Mustard Seed Pop Up Private Dinner

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Of all the private dining sessions, I was looking forward most to Mustard Seed - maybe it was the kaiseki, maybe it was Chef Ming's previous experience at the now defunct Goto Restaurant and Candlenut.

I fell in love with Chef's humble abode first, his father very creatively converted their Potong Pasir home into a Japanese themed home, complete with a pebble bath and open concept kitchen and a huge island - just great for hosting dinner parties.

Watercress Chawanmushi

I baulked at watercress, having eaten this usually in double boiled soups. This was actually a perk me up with the steamed egg flavoured with watercress soup and delve deep for tender chicken cubes, mushrooms and lilybulbs.

Fried Frog's Legs in Hakka Style

We smelt this when Chef started deepfrying them at the back of the kitchen and man, freshly fried food smells just like heaven. Divine is sinking my teeth into that crisp exterior and take a deep whiff of that panko herb crust and then savour the meat. Frog meat and I are no best friends, neither is frog's legs in claypot but these, makes me crave for a bucket with beer.

These are that addictive and seriously, worth every calorie. What's best? That extra drizzle of lime juice that makes them the best fried things alive.

Grouper, White Curry, Milk Buns

Pan-seared grouper served with white curry and these amazingly fragrant milk buns. What do I start with? DSC_3265 The milk buns had us too at first whiff. Golden brown, and like a drug got us all taking in deep breaths - not even whiffs. DSC_3282 These were fluffy, chewy and I could have repeats of these all meal long.

White curry made with white rempah is still spicy, and leaves a lingering trail. There is so much complexity in this sweet, spicy and savoury combination that the stunning crisp skinned grouper is almost second fiddle.

Yong Tau Foo, Oden

Chef Ming pays tribute to Hakka Yong Tau Foo with handmade ngoh hiang and a couple of other YTF pieces yet these are done oden style, with a hearty radish broth and chestnuts are woven into them.

I cannot choose between atas yong tau foo and the ordinary - this is not a battle of which cuisine is superior, it was definitely executed with so much class, huge props to him for making a commodity a luxury.

Pork Belly, Local Condiments

Lor bak with a medley of condiments that are home made and I would in a heartbeat buy a bottle each - only if he sold them.

Cincalok, sambal chilli ikan bilis, achar are gave superb flavor to the sweet and saucy tender braised pork. Rice would have been perfect at this moment so that could have been the only shortfall.

Duck Consumme

I call this duck essence, we all received a sake cup portion of broth. It was comforting and so tum warming, at some point we all wished this came after the next course.

Duck Meatball Curry, Pickles, Koshihikon Rice

I'm not sure about saving the best for the last since all of the preceding courses were considered best in their field. Duck meatball studded with chestnuts and made like a ngoh hiang came with a tasty curry that left a very memorable heat trail - and may I mention, even the pickles were spot on. Can Chef just bottle all his signature condiments already?

Guava, Cucumber, Yuzu

I reckon this is why soup was served before the savoury finale, else this palette cleanser would be unnecessary. I love the light and refreshing flavours of cucumber and yuzu with guava sorbet.

Pulut Hitam, Sake Lees Icecream

Last but not the very least, warm pulut hitam with fresh coconut milk and sake lees icecream. Sake lees are the remnants of sake making, a fermented curd and this had an acquired taste - I am a fan of it. Strangely, alcoholic black glutinous rice worked like magic on me.

The courses are all impeccable - in quality, taste and presentation. Very Japanese in thought process yet Asian in flavours. Flawlessly executed and I wish I can be back soon - the reservations are against me, four holy months of waitlist.

Mustard Seed Pop Up

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