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Mitzo @ Grand Park City Hall

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I love having the say at team lunches because I get to pick and try as many dishes as possible and this was the case at Mitzo's, a place that has been on my to go list for quite some time now.

With a number of set lunches available, it starts from $28 and 3 courses. I blame the hunger for nudging me to get the 4 course at $38.

Double boiled Abalone Soup of the Day

This definitely made the set menu a worthy choice to consider over lunch - pork ribs, a reasonably sizeable abalone, Chinese almonds and red dates was so hearty on its own, this would have been lunch!

Royal Shrimp Dumpling with Black Caviar

Steamed Shrimp and Pork Dumpling

Between har gao and siew mai, the the former stands out for being exquisite. The skin is cleverly woven with edible flowers (spy them green and purple spots!) before being wrapped around a succulent prawn ball.

Charcoal Barbequed Pork Bun

A tad dry overall, this definitely can do with more sauce.

Escargot Cheese Puff

Baked to resemble a snail, the escargot was snug within molten cheese and a breaded puff.

Pan-fried Pumpkin and Yam Cake

Deep Fried Shrimp and Crabmeat Dumpling

Both were rather forgettable.

Dry Style Thin Noodles with Prawn Dumplings and Signature Mitzo Barbeque Pork

Sold on the signature barbeque pork - it's sweet and fatty and portions are measly! Three slices tucked with a blanket of alkaline noodles and a single prawn dumpling. The char siew was definitely the highlight and perhaps ordering this ala carte would be more worth while than ordering the set lunch for it.

Porridge with Lobster Claw, Fish and Pork

This fared better with the mains, Cantonese style porridge with a single lobster claw and chunk of fish.

Aloe Vera and Jelly with Redbean Kueh

I was most ready to wave the white flag by the time I reached the end of the meal - food coma was on full blast but how could I give up on dessert?

Lime sorbet in lemongrass jelly and topped with aloe served with red bean kueh as a side. There was a lot going on and really the focus should be on the lemon grass jelly for a refreshing end.

Hits and misses with the set menu yet in any case, I found a signature worth returning for.

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