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Get finger licking yummy with Tinoq's Private Dinner

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Tinoq Russell Goh needs no further introduction actually. In the fashion industry, he is a celebrated makeup artiste and stylist. In the private dining community, he has been cooking up a storm in his Tiong Bahru humble abode and to support this love has an enchanting herb wonderland.

What can't this guy do even? Green fingers? Hell yell. Those talented fingers churned up such a mighty meal, it is one I will remember for a darn long while. $85 gets you typically 7 dishes, we topped up for the rest.


We stepped into his world of good vibes only - lots of pink, garish but not outlandish furniture pieces and the knick knacks that reveal the other side of Tinoq. It isn't flashy, neither is it as attention grabbing that his day job is.


Put a kitchen apron on him and he transforms into a homebody who opened his house doors and gave us such a detailed tour of his garden and flat.


Wow, simply wow.


Don't you want to do a sleepover already?

Nasi Kuyik Kukus

Three different types of rice was up for selection prior to dinner - plain jasmine rice, turmeric rice or blue pea rice. Tumeric and blue pea are fresh from the garden and I wish I had a go at both!


Bakwan Kepiting

Crabmeat chestnut meatballs in a piping hot broth - I love how particular he is about food should be eaten piping hot and seconds are only served at the end of the meal. To save space and do justice to the rest of his dishes. The meatballs are crunchy and meaty, just the perfect start I say.


Fried shallots made anything taste good. 


Ngor Hiang

The pride of Tinoq's and a recipe of his Mom's. These beancurd skin wrappers are stuffed with minced meat, winter melon strips and chestnuts and served with sweet sauce and a chilli sauce. Very peranakan indeed and I love my ngor hiangs with a vengeance.


Chap Chye


Ayam Limau Purut

Curry chicken made from scratch, even the rempah is from his garden! I would have loved more spice but nothing is stopping me from loving this hearty number.


Sotong Hitam

Go black or go home with this squid ink curry and generous whole squids. Umami in every slurp and this is two dishes in one! The gravy can be used for other dishes too.


Beef Rendang

I LOVED this dry rendang and the magic he says is in the buah keluak. How ingenious! That nutty flavor that goes so well and if he did not reveal, I would have just missed out on the secret ingredient.


Steamed Thai Seabass


Assam Pedas Seabass

Fish done two ways and Tinoq sure has a way into our stomachs, presenting both a hot and spicy as well as tangy on the dinner table. Both had such generous servings I was more than stuffed at this point.


Sweet Potato Leaves with Hae Bee Hiam

The hae bee itself should be bottled and sold. So tasty and just the right amount of heat. What is best? Those sweet potato leaves came straight from his garden - this is truly organic.


Sambal Telur

There were probably too many stunning dishes, fried hard boiled eggs and cucumber with chilli suddenly becomes run of the mill. That said, this was sedap with just rice.


Char Siew

Tinoq deliberately saved this for the last - fatty pork belly marinated with nam yu. This is not the usual char siew recipe hence that fermented tofu fragrance that lingers and either brings a community of lovers or anti fans.


I was keeping my fingers crossed for dessert and thankfully, he had no time to bake up a storm and sheepishly presented two mega fruit platters. He really went for go humongous or go home.


Twas a night of good food, laughter and Tinoq made dinner such a lovely affair. Lots of banter, insider gossip and nothing that moscato cannot resolve.

Cheers, and to many more such sessions!

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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