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Family Fun Package @ Shangrila Singapore

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We booked the Family Fun Package at Shangrila to celebrate the bub's birthday and as adults we were most looking forward to the food to refuel.We had both a dinner and breakfast buffet included as part of our package.


Next to the noodle station was a roast station which somehow did not tempt - perhaps the spread was really too wide to try everything.


The noodle station somehow had the longest queues for both dinner and breakfast.


Indian food too was wildly popular, especially the prata station.


Lamb of rack at dinner too was gone before I knew it.


Seafood strangely was a really miserly corner.


There, nothing spectacular. I'd have expected a wider variety given the way diners were swarmed to it like bees to honey.


Let's just say I moved onto desserts alot faster than I expected and the assortment of sweets was enough to entertain me longer than the mains.

These mini choux are filled with a variety of fillings.


I love browsing the dessert section first, when the cakes are still whole and pretty.


Local dessert alert! This teh tarik jelly wins for creativity!


I mistook this for ondeh ondeh cake but it was pina colada!



Avoid the pasta station at all costs - this came overcooked and oversalted.


I made a beeline for their signature crayfish laksa and was sorely disappointed. Watery laksa gravy notwithstanding, the laksa noodles were definitely overcooked and what a waste of calories.


I cannot decide which is worse, prawn noodle or crayfish laksa.


Call me odd but sushi is my comfort food during buffets - almost as if, if nothing goes right, sushi will not go wrong.



I'd say Shang does Indian food pretty decently, at least I wiped this clean. The hummus too was really tasty. If I had to choose then Indian and Mediterranean dishes are worth the calories.


I couldn't resist a snap of this World Cup themed sushi spread.


Of all the desserts I had, gelato deserves seconds.


I was stuffed from trying too many dishes and not being satisfied with that many, talking a stroll around the luxurious property post buffet was a treat. I got to enjoy Shangrila in its night beauty and it is gorgeous!




I chanced upon this private pavilion that can be booked and boy, does it not look perfect for proposals already?


Romantic much? I was swooning over it!


Good night Shangrila.


Sunday brunches are massive affairs at The Line and Bud's playground. Even the kid's kitchen gets converted into a dining area for kids.


If you're lucky or early enough, there is a designated family area for families and there is a play area and a roving balloonist to keep the kids entertained.


Sucha pretty set up! I hear birthday parties can also be arranged in with cooking classes included too!


Kitchen aid mixers in a mind boggling array of colours - the kitchen goddess in me squealed.



Donuts or pancakes for breakfast? I guess on Sunday, meal rules are out of the window and anything goes as long as parents get their meal in peace and the kids eat.



Breakfast staples and once again, the indian selection gets my vote!


Kaya toast got me tempted here, talk about being tempted by my own local cuisine.


I created my own noodle dish with prawn mee broth, meepok and a dash of chilli padi. I reckon the breakfast noodle chef is alot better than dinner at least.


We caught the attention of the balloonist and scored two balloons!


The very pleased toddler and we are so stokked he sat through at least an hour for dinner and breakfast - a mighty feat for mister ants in his pants.

The hotel package was booked for the toddler and hence having the meals included are a major bonus and as parents getting out of the hotel to hunt for food is the last thing on our minds since that would mean dragging the toddler out and barang not to mention. It is great value too, considering he had free access to Bud's which would otherwise be really expensive to visit on an ala carte basis. Yet on a gourmet note, standards at The Line have dropped drastically through the years.

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