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Brix and Baume (cakes & patisserie)

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I was searching for a birthday cake and while I toyed with the idea of having a bespoke cake, we were just in Penang for 3 days made me fear having to consume it for every meal thereafter. Brix and Baume came up after a couple of searches, for their pineapple tarts which they have since stopped baking.

Their wide array of cakes appealed to me and we made a visit, bought the cake off the shelf and blew off the candles in the comfort of the hotel room. Kudos to them for having on the spot birthday tag services but boo for not offering ice packs. It seems like no customers ever need them.

Presenting this red velvet cheese - a very light and slightly savoury choice. The saltiness of the cheese surprised us all and made us wish for seconds. This has to be a first for any cake, actually. The cake and cream cheese was so light, dessert suddenly became such a weightless affair and even the toddler was hooked.
I was hoping we could head back for more of their cakes but I guess another time!
Brix and Baume
124, Jalan Burma, Georgetown, 10050, Penang Malaysia (Nagore Square branch)

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