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Strawberry Shortcake by Ten Butter Fingers


The special man's birthday came and expectations were high on this one - a great pity our favourite baker could not bake this time so we scrambled to find another. Thank goodness Ten Butter Fingers could take our order and this time we tried her other hotselling flavour - strawberry shortcake disguised under whipped cream and a pororo topper.


Can you spot the stars, golden sparkles and a Pororo fire truck - so apt since we went to visit a fire station just the day itself!


At dinner and ready to be cut!


Made with Japanese strawberries, I love how the strawberries are sweet, juicy and none of the tangy tongue biting sour berries that are characteristic of strawberries from the States. The lightly sweetened sponge was just perfect for the toddler who's not really had much table food save for birthday cakes during celebrations in school.

Plus, whipped cream is definitely a better alternative to buttercream and fondant - my order of preference.

Chiffon and strawberry shortcake checked, I can't wait to see what other creations she has up her sleeves!

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