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Simply Bread @ Cluny Court

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A recent visit to Cluny Court had me chancing upon Simply Bread, a hole in wall bakery and I was lured in by their aromatic bakes.

So lured, I had these taken away for my tea time.


Buttery and flaky croissants lathered with a truffle cheese from The Cheese Shop and made complete with Kettle Chips Unsalted Chips. This had to be my favourite combination to date - don't you think cheese makes anything taste so good?


And now for the olive granary sour dough loaf that I cannot give up - olives in bread are my weakness.


Look at that beautiful crust! This was the densest of the three I tried but so fragrant. Perfect with butter.


The raspberry jam and almond loaf too was just a soft loaf but I liked how the whole loaf came together, the jam was just enough for every bite to have some and icing sugar albeit so old school made this a delicious one.

These breads cost between $3-4 each and are so worth it, can't wait to head back!

Simply Bread
501 Bukit Timah Road #02-07

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