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Mooi Chin Revisited @ Golden Landmark Hotel

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Mooi Chin is a hit amongst tourist groups, perhaps for its variety of cuisines and affordable pricing. We headed back and boy was it chaotic from 6-7pm with the dishes churned out like canteen food pace to feed hungry children and the waitresses were clearly functioning at their maximum and we had to wait even with a reservation for our table to be ready and food took another eons to be served since priority was given to the tour groups.


Hainanese Pork Chop ($14)

As much as this is not the island's best version I cannot help but order it every time we are there.Talk about inertia.


Hainanese Mutton Soup ($16)

For this single portion I thought we struck gold, it easily fed 5-6 and we had so much leftovers for 3 of us! Gamey mutton chunks but I am definitely not complaining since the meat was tender and the broth was so robust. Paired with bamboo shoot and also beancurd skins, this would have been a hearty meal on its own with just rice.


Hainanese Poached Chicken ($20)

Pricey the folks and I felt this half poached chicken was priced, that said it was a good tender chicken dish and that was just it. They have both white and chicken rice to go with it.


Steamed Seabass Hongkong Style ($30)

This arrived towards the end of the meal and if saving the best applies, it certainly does for this dish. Fresh and steamed perfectly without being overcooked and even the toddler asked for seconds!

There are hits and misses but stick with their classics and you'd probably not go wrong.

Mooi Chin Place
390 Victoria Street
#03-12A Golden Landmark Hotel

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