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GoldLeaf Restaurant @ East Coast Road

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~Invited Session~


GoldLeaf, a household name in Taiwanese Porridge, has now launched an ala carte porridge buffet menu and also brought back long lost classics. The buffet will include 8 mainstays including Ah Ma's Tri Platter, Meicai Kourou, Kaohsiung Chilli Chicken, Chye Poh Omelette, Steamed Pork Patty with Salted Fish, Tainan Olive Taiwanese Lettuce, Double Beancurd Platter and Seafood Beancurd.

The major selling point of GoldLeaf is no MSG is used in their dishes which makes them a huge advocate for healthy eating and diners can enjoy all their dishes without worrying!

At the tasting I had a showcase of the buffet and also their classic dishes. Scroll below for the chow down!


Teochew porridge is always so comforting - especially sweet potato and just rice!


Kaohsiung Chilli Chicken reminds me of La Zi Ji but less spicy and saucier. So tasty!


Ah Ma's Tri Platter ($10.80)

Braising of the ingredients takes about 5-6 hours and what's featured in the platter include fried minced pork with olives, peanuts and beancurd sticks.


Tainan Olive Taiwanese Lettuce ($13.80)


Meicai Kourou
Braised Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables

The same braising techniques are used for the pork belly as with the ingredients in the Tri Platter.


Steamed Pork Patty with Salted Fish ($12.80)

This is a home favourite that my family loves - very easy to replicate and every time I have this this reminds me of our family meals with porridge. So wholesome!


Omelette with Chye Por ($10.80)


Also a favourite at home and this is alot fluffier! I have no words for this porridge staple, the chye poh is just a meal changer.


This tofu dish is really special, it comes with two different sides - bonito flakes and pork floss to cater to both the younger and older generation.


Seafood Beancurd ($9.80)
Squid paste, abalone sauce, fresh prawn

These addictive cubes are also a must try, these have more bite than the usual fried tofu cubes.


Oyster Vermicelli ($8.80)

I love how the vermicelli does not melt into the soup and I end up with short strands like Ah Zhong's version. It is substantial and comes with such plump oysters, slurps!


Fresh Cockles ($11.80)

I'm a char kuay teow no hum person so this is definitely charting new territories for me. Bloody and well juicy in the eyes of hum fans, I say this is worth a try and maybe you'd be a fan. I for one, remained on the other side of the fence.


Miaoli Black and White Muah Chee ($3.80)

I know little about muah chee from Taiwan and which county it originates from and apparently muah chee is famous in Miaoli! These chewy treats are doused in either crushed peanuts or black sesame and personally I like the former better!


Deep Fried White Pomfret with Black Bean Sauce (Seasonal Price)

I am really surprised how well fried fish actually goes with bean sauce and porridge. It could have been the black bean sauce actually that makes the canned sardines such an amazing complement too. Who else loves black bean fish with porridge? I digressed but GoldLeaf does a mean version here.


The buffet goes for $25.90 for dinners and $18.90 for lunches. Are you already tempted?

GoldLeaf Restaurant
86 East Coast Road #01-02, Katong Square

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