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Ginza Lion @ Suntec City

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Ginza Lion falls under the category of Japanese Beer Hall cum gastropub - multiconcepts if you ask me and I was there for lunch. Sandos are high on their lunch menu as with the roast beef and katsu items based on their menu.

I guess you could have beer at lunch if you fancied?


Hire and Rosu Katsu Set ($27)

All their ramen and katsu sets comes with refillable cabbage, rice and miso - score for the hungry diners! I was definitely satisfied with my single serving.


Chicken Katsu Set ($18)

The chicken version was definitely more tender than the pork yet somehow I feel pork katsu is always a first choice for me.


Oyster ($3.50)

Out of gluttony, I had to have a side portion of this juicy one and no regrets because the best way to consume oysters next to having them raw is to katsu them and Ginza Lion does a really mean version of it.


Their katsu sets come with freeflow rice, miso soup and cabbage which is a really good deal! I'd be back for more of the other dishes.

Ginza Lion
Suntec City

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