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FireBake Revisited @ East Coast Road

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I saw, came and enjoyed the best hidden breakfast secret in Katong - $4.50 Morning Set comprising of a sourdough milk bun, two boiled eggs to the choice of doneness (well just soft or hard) and a cup of housebrewed kopi or teh.



This price tag had my kopitiam loving mother and father changing plans and I am not surprised. Even prices at Yakun and Toastbox would rival this and god, I hate the flimsy as nothing thing toasted bread. Crunchy toast is one of my nemesis and leaving breakfast feeling like I ate nothing is the a mighty pet peeve (as you can already sense).


Clearly, I am bowled over by the value of the set and I even topped up a dollar for their housemade kaya. Maybe Chin Mee Chin could have pulled off a meaner kaya recipe but for that pillowy soft and chewy sour dough milk bun? I am definitely returning.


I was also tempted by the Firebake Morning Bun ($3.50) that was really cinnamon roll in disguise and a chuck load more sin. Sinking my teeth into those crinkly layers had to be the best kind of music to the ears.


I may not have been a fan of their weekend brunch before, now I am a fan of their weekday brunch...and only if service could be a tad kinder. We had a minor screw up over kopi not having sugar and was chided for not saying C. O-kay, you angmo win in this local brew definition. We learn, yeah?

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