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Chengdu Restaurant @ Amoy Street

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~Invited Session~

Mention Mala and any fellow Singaporean who's had Mala hotpot would grin in acknowledgement. Mention Chengdu cuisine and chances are, you'd be greeted with the same quizzical expression I had. Chengdu Restaurant at Amoy, is just about to change your impression of the cuisine.


Chilli Beef with Sweet Corn Base ($24.80)

Beef jerky cubes on a fried sweet corn fritter pancake base. I liked the chilli beef and they are best eaten with the chilli oil that came with the Garlic Pork (note next dish!). The pancake was questionably ornamental.


Pork Belly in Garlic ($12.80)

Garlic and pork belly are such perfect complements, I have no complaints and wished the chilli was spicier here.


Spicy Grilled Frog Skewer ($29.80) is a show stopper and instagram would have given you a peek of what to expect. First, it is a singing boat - and with Liu Bei at the helm of the ship striking a commanding pose, I wish I had the literary talent to spew poems to match this poetic setting.


Dry ice effect continues for a darn long time and by the time the cameras are fed, the skewers are finally ready for consumption.


Frog legs are not my top ranked meats on any day but I guess these gave the skewers a different taste altogether. More tender than chicken and rubbed with a peppercorn spice, this was actually delicious once you get past the frog origins.


Beef with Pickles in Sour Soup ($25.80)

Sour and spicy soup comes close to this and this levels up with beef and green peppercorns!


I would suggest taking a few of those green peppercorns and eating it with the bowl of soup and beef. Maximum satisfaction guaranteed for those who adore spice. The main difference between the green and black peppercorns is, the former are actually really fragrant, mildly tongue numbing but so satisfying!


The theatrics continue with this salt baked chicken. Some knocking is required to break open the clay - talk about working for dinner.


Chengdu 12 Flavours Chicken (Beggar Chicken) ($36.80)


Oh hello poultry.


The chicken was stuffed with mushrooms and it was close to unearthing gems. The condiments are a must and gives the dish the added punch. If all else fails just go for their preconcocted Chengdu sauce, a combination of everything in the right ratios.



Hunger got the better of us obviously when we decided to order both the wantons and dumplings. I still think the chinese do dumplings alot better with the hand molded skins and meat fillings AND that signature chilli oil. A must try, if you ask me.


Fish with Green Pepper Soup ($26.80)


This offered such great value with the fish itself and then comes a side of raw fish, tomatoes and even tofu! Top ups are available too for a heartier course and we had noodles. The soup reminded me of the sour soup we had earlier but this was more toned down.


Giant Sesame Ball ($16.80)


Fried fritter and brilliantly moulded into a huge ball, this is purely for social media. Else, when sliced it gets reduced to addictively chewy pieces of fried dough.


Pumpkin Pancake ($6.80) is also another Sichuan classic that brings the hearty meal to a pleasant end.

I am raring for a return, just for the sour soup actually. Green peppercorns are quite a rarity locally because they are more premium and Chengdu's dishes hit all the spicy notes perfectly.

Chengdu Restaurant 
74 Amoy Street

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