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Blue Label Pizza @ Ann Siang Hill

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Word has it that the chef from Mozza Pizzeria has jumpshipped and opened Blue Label - hooray for me, a mega fan of Mozza's. They are the best our island has to offer, or at least I think that way and standards have been pretty consistent so I was super bummed knowing that Mozza would be closing.


Blue Label State Fries ($25)
Handcut Idaho Potatoes, Black Pepper Gravy, Fried Egg, Aioli, Shaved Truffle

Won over by hand cut and shaved truffles but are these the best fries around? These salted snacks pack a pow wow with its crisp exterior and that egg porn with the mere prod. Pricey yet so satisfying, I'm torn between wanting that whiff of truffle oil to go with my fries stack and having a full meal out of these fries. Whichever the case, this heavyweight is not for the faint hearted.


J Dog ($32)
Pork Sausage, Bacon, Pepperoni, Jalapeño, Red sauce


Guest Pizza ($35)

This was a collaboration with Chef Vinny from The Guild Singapore with a Pig's Head Pepperoni, pickled chillis, pecorino and roasted garlic. I loved the combination of pepperoni and pickled chillies, sublime and so yummy! The signature thick crust of Mozza's is replicated here giving their pizzas lots of bite and density.


In comparison J Dog was underwhelming inspite of the sure win combination of pork sausage, bacon and pepperoni. Pick your choices wisely I'd say - the guest pizza flavours change monthly and I'm already annoyed this would be the last time I am savouring the Pig's Head Pepperoni.


For the birthday boy, there was a vanilla and peanut butter soft serve topped with a waffle cone. Love it if you have a sweet tooth otherwise this is a sugar overload to end off this over the top calorie laden meal.

The courses are heavy weights and really bring an appetite for a jolly good time - amazing vibes, on point courses and it lives up to its accolade of 'best pizza in singapore'.


Sharing tables is a common sight unless one has a group of 12 at a go, else be content with their cosy corners that take up to 4 or their selfish counter seats.


I will be back for their pizzas - unforgettable I'd say.

Blue Label Pizza
28 Ann Siang Road, #B1-01

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