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Uma Uma Ramen @ Millenia Walk

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Uma Uma Ramen Millenia Walk is there second outlet and I'm keen to see how standards have kept up.


Yaki Chasiu ($8)

I love my char siew but the chinese version always trumps and it could be the cut of pork used as well. The japanese versions are usually pork belly and would be better classified as roasted pork belly. These are pretty alright, nothing memorable.


Pork Belly Kushikatsu ($4)
Scallop Kushikatsu ($5)

The kushikatsus stood out more actually and pork belly was a mouthful of melt in the mouth fats and meat.


Spicy Char Siu Bun ($3)

I actually liked this spicy char siew better than the char siew slices proper. My only grouse is - why mince it!


Chicken Karaage ($8)

Fried chicken is always a great idea with beer and even ramen.


Garlic Ramen ($16)
Chasiu, garlic oil, white onion, beansprouts, fried shallots, egg


Garlic makes everything taste better and for this, the ramen broth was rich, robust and very tasty.


Tan Tan Men ($16)
Sesame base, minced pork, chilli oil, white onions, egg


These tan tan noodles on the other hand was sweet based and the noodles were different from their ramen. This reminded me of a sweet version of bak chor mee.


If all else fails, stick with their original that comes with black fungus, spring onions, char siew adn their onsen egg.

Between this outlet and Forum, personally I feel the latter is better.

Uma Uma Ramen
Millenia Walk

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