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The Market Grill Revisited @ Amoy Street

~Invited Session~


With a new Chef onboard and a brunch menu added, The Market Grill looks set for a revamp. Saturday mornings are particularly lazy and they hope to attract more families and I am already tempted!




Salmon Benedict ($18)


Hash ($24)
Sweet potato, potato, farmers sausage, caramelized onion, beans, poached egg

Also on the brunch menu is lobster benedict, French toast and chicken and waffles. There is something for everyone! The brunch items served were decent staples though I may return for the lobster benedict since they do lobsters really well. The rest are by the way dishes.


Medley of Wagyu Steak Tartare, Pan Seared Scallops, Crispy Pig Ears


Tasting portions of a number of their appetisers were presented and crispy pig ears though lacking in seasoning are still my favourite. Crunchy, addictive and still one of my favourites from their menu.


Onion Matchsticks ($8) has been given a new lease of life with a spicy aftertaste, this rivals crispy pig ears!


Lobster Roll ($52)
500g lobster, herbed pommery mayo, toasted brioche roll, salad, fries

Chef basically retained their best seller, unfortunately for me, I have eaten them since their heydays and now. It is a classic yet missing that delight I once had, it could have been the measly portions, I can hold two roll halves with one palm. If anything, focus on the juicy mayo slathered lobster meat. One can only wish the supply of lobster meat is never ending.


Black Angus Short Rib ($78)
650g, medium

Grilled steak is their forte and this is a must try, tender, juicy and perfected with a decadent potato mash.

I used to steal away for lobster roll lunches and with the new Chef on board, maybe it is time to check out his specialties instead.

The Market Grill
Amoy Street

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