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Plum and Toro @ Intercontinental Robertson Quay

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Plum and Toro at Intercontinental Robertson Quay is both a bar and restaurant, giving diners more to choose from the hotel's A list of dining tenants.


We scored these cushion seats in a cosy corner with full view of the restaurant. Counter seats are also available.


With every lunch set ordered, there's an appetizer of tomato salad. Refreshing and I particularly loved the piquant dressing.


Mekajiki Sando ($24)
Crispy fish breaded swordfish sandwich with yellow tobikko tartare sauce served with seaweed fries


This is filet o fish gone upscale with a thicker patty and that was so satisfying.


The sauce that came with it was particularly wicked too - it was wasabi mayo with the right punch. So satisfying and I would order this again!


Wagyu Truffle Don ($40)
Grilled wagyu beef kiriotoshi served with onsen egg on rice and topped with fresh truffle slices

Melt in the mouth thinly sliced wagyu beef with those freshly shaved truffles was the highlight of this dish though I was not a fan of the sweet seasoning which was a flavour killer for me. If they had gone savoury, this would have been a home run.


Bara Chirashi ($32)
Uni ($15)

Sold on uni and an assortment of raw fish. The vinegared bed of fluffy rice too was so comforting, this is arguably one of the better chirashi dons around.

They have great value lunch sets and a lovely ambience to boot. Dinner is beckoning!

Plum and Toro
Intercontinental Robertson Quay

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