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NaNa Bakes @ Telok Kurau Road

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I got to know of Nana Bakes from my mommy friends and they seem to be a popular choice for children's birthday cakes mainly because of their affordable pricing and too cute to resist cake designs.

With the toddler's upcoming birthday, I thought I gave their cakes a try.

Strawberry Cake ($4)


Rainbow Cake ($4.20)

Apart from the fact it had cheese frosting, this was mostly food colouring which probably does not suit the children very well. Otherwise, I thought the colours were really vibrant and pretty.

Salted Caramel ($4)

All had a really light sponge and buttercream frosting which makes their cakes very easy to polish off and the flavours are kids' favourites too - think cookies and cream, chocolate and the likes!

We've finalized our cake flavor...and keep a look out for the grand reveal in Jul

Designed cakes start at $60.

NaNa Bakes
11 Telok Kurau Road #01-02 Parc Elegance

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