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Mooi Chin Revisited @ Golden Landmark Hotel

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DSC_7434 My second visit to Mooi Chin was made possible by Fave and it is a pity that Hainanese food is not as celebrated as the other dialect cuisines. It has turned into a tourist spot, with travel agencies sending tour groups down for meals and the rate they churn dishes is impressive.

Hainanese Pork Chop ($21)

Thick cut breaded pork chop slices in a savoury gravy and served with potatoes and peas. This Hainanese classic is too good to miss and the family deems this our island's best.

Roasted Crispy Chicken ($20)

Keropok and crispy skinned chicken are such a perfect combination, I have no complaints about the skin but they could be less generous with the salt.

Prawn with Mayonnaise ($24)

Whole battered prawns doused in mayonnaise, sometimes less is really more, someone should remind the Chef.

Sambal Kang Kong ($18)

Chef was extremely generous with his seasoning but I am not complaining when it comes to this spicy dish - the spicier the better!

Steamed Tilapia with Bean Sauce ($22)

Reasonably fresh and we wiped it clean though I will not consider if a Hainanese dish, rather a Chinese one.

Every visit I find new favourites and I hope they are around till I finish trying all the other signatures.

Mooi Chin Place
#03-12A, Golden Landmark Hotel

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