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Live Seafood Market @ Emporium Shokuhin

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~Invited Session~


Emporium Shokuhin welcomes the 10th restaurant - Live Seafood Market Dining, where diners can have their seafood fresh from the tanks and enjoyed zichar style without the heat and chaos of an eating house. What's more? Prices are kept the same for seafood in the same tank and you get to pick exactly which fish or crab suits your meal better.


The range comprises not just of seafood but also vegetables and also caviar, parma ham and cured meats. A bar is also available for those seeking a happy hour drink and some tapas.



Spied a crab trying to make an escape!


Simple instructions how to order your meal at this pseudo zichar place.


Beers on the tap for happy hour always seem to go very well with zichar.


Crispy Cereal Egg Floss Calamari ($15) was an addictive snack with enough crispy cereal, chilli padi and floss to coat the battered calamari generously.


Purple Sweet Potatoes that made the pre-dinner snacking healthier than intended.


Sri Lankan Crab ($59/pc, approx. 700-800g)
Homemade Mantou ($5, 6 pcs)

Our national pride and always best eaten with fried mantous,

These homemade mantous are different from the usual mantous, flatter in shape actually! But who's complaining when these go great with chilli crab sauce.


Stingray in Onion Sambal Sauce ($18/pc, approx. 300-350g)

Their meaty stingrays comes with a housemade sambal sauce and sambal belachan. 


Live Mussels in Assam Sauce ($14, 500g)

Mussels are also another weakness and I love them either steamed in white wine or with assam.



Live Scottish Oysters ($34.90 per half dozen, $59.90 per dozen)


Live Soon Hock in Sweet and Sour Sauce ($39/fish, approx. 500-600g)

I would usually have this steamed but with sweet and sour sauce is another way to consume this fresh fish.


USDA Ribeye ($9.20/100g)
Red wine demi glaze or black pepper brown sauce

I thought this was really value for money, given the price point too. Between the red wine demi glaze and black pepper, I felt the latter went better with the steak. 


Dragon Vegetables in Garlic Oyster Sauce ($8)


Sambal Kang Kang ($8)

No zichar meal is complete without sambal kangkong! 

The concept has been well received since its launch and even during the tasting, the whole area was filled. I guess zichar without the chaos is still an attractive idea for diners.

Live Seafood Market
Emporium Shokuhin
Marina Square

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