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Full of Luck Restaurant @ Holland Village

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~Invited Session~


Full of Luck Restaurant, the casual arm of Li Bai, is the place to go if comfort food and drinks are on the agenda. Prices are friendly and whilst there is an association with Li Bai, Full of Luck promises a completely different experience altogether.




Spot those words of advice on the bar ceiling.


Private dining room for cosy gatherings!


Crabmeat Chilli Cheese Tart with Pomelo ($10, 3 pieces)


Are we not done with cheese tarts, yet? I'm glad the team took the plunge with these hot sellers, melty cream cheese tarts topped with chilli crab sauce and pomelo. Top marks for creativity and execution, arguably the better cheese tarts around!


Chef's Signature Honey Glazed Char Siew ($16)

A minimum 45 minute wait is necessary if orders are made at the restaurant hence keen diners should make their pre orders via chope when making reservations too. This signature has a glistened sugary shell, beyond the first crunch is a sinewy slice of honey roast pork. The ratio of fats to meat is lopsided and heavier on meat hence the fatty lovers may find this a tad too sinewy but I am not complaining here.


Braised Garoupa with Beancurd in Claypot ($24)


Hearty and wholesome, the beancurd skins and garoupa slices are sufficiently seasoned for a delicious meal with just white rice. This made the meal actually so unforgettable.


Braised Homemade Spinach Egg Tofu with Mushrooms and Dried Scallops ($12)

I've probably had one too many spinach egg tofus in superior sauce to actually think this would be run of the mill like the rest - and how wrong was I. Fried enoki mushroom gave this an added crunch and the egg tofu had a perfect crisp exterior.


Poached Seafood Rice ($23)

Henry our server told us a surprise was awaiting us with this dish - and true enough, the claypot was unveiled and my poached seafood rice was a bubbling pot of excitement. Until he scattered in popped rice - magic happened infront of my very eyes.

The broth is the showstopper here - robust, simple and so addictive. I hardly say so of soups and here I was slurping the broth and inhaling clams and rice as if I did not already consume a huge meal. This is a must order.


Osmanthus Raindrop Cake ($6)

I thought raindrop cakes were quite over and passe, lo and behold I eat my words again with their ingenious version paired with brown sugar and a drizzle of gula melaka. Mildly sweet and floral, this gives a creative twist to the otherwise classic osmathus jelly.



Lychee Oolong Cold Brew ($6)


Raspberry Pu-Er Cold Brew ($7)

Drinks also deserves a mention at Full of Luck - strike lucky with the fortune cookies or their specially concocted fruity tea beverages.


Do not leave without a packet of two of these fortune cookies!

Full of Luck Restaurant
Holland Village

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