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Dragon Boat Festival 2018: Golden Peony @ Conrad Centennial Singapore

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I can always trust the hotels to wow on presentation and Golden Peony's rice dumplings came in a luxurious carrier which I already had plans for its use.


Vegetarian Multigrain Rice Dumpling with ‘Monkey-Head’ Mushroom ($16.80)
 Monkey Head Mushroom, Chinese Mushroom, Chestnut, Lotus seed, Anise Seed and Bamboo Pith


I hardly go for vegetarian dumplings and this is a first. The truffle fragrance was such a pleasant whiff and with the multigrains, this was a lot tastier than it sounds on description and the mushrooms definitely had a part to play in this.


‘Gou Bu Li’ Rice Dumpling with Iberico Pork Collar ($22.80)
Iberico Pork Collar, Chinese Mushroom, Salted Egg Yolk, Lotus Seed, Minced Ginger and Spring Onion


'Gou Bu Li' translates to food dogs would ignore, literally and I wonder why dogs would even ignore tender pork collar! This is a creative play on the otherwise classic Chinese stuffed bun dish, it boasts of a host of delicious ingredients. Ginger is well hidden amidst everything else and this was hands down the tastiest dumpling dogs would ignore.


Other variations include Traditional Hong Kong Style Rice Dumpling, X.O. Sauce London Duck Rice Dumpling and Green Tea Lotus Paste Rice Dumpling. Book online at or purchase directly from Golden Peony.

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