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Zamza @ Mohammad Sultan Gate Road

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DSC_6251 I checked out Zamza completely unaware it is similar to AliBaBar, which essentially is a foodcourt with more upmarket options. Then I find out it is actually the sister brand of Jimotoya at Chinatown Point.


This budget Japanese food stall has a limited menu at pocket friendly prices and the catch: the dishes are halal.

Osaka Clear Ramen ($10)

Tokyo Creamy Ramen ($10)


The ramen works were on point, runny egg, al dente noodles, seaweed, spring onions and a tasty broth. Unfortunately, this does not actually replace the real deal for me. It's a decently executed second fiddle.

Tori Katsu Curry Don ($8)

Lo and behold, I was thrown off guard at how delicious this was, from the crispy and juicy chicken cutlet to the spiciness of the curry. Japanese curries with the exception of Coco Ichibanya have been watered down versions of curry. I enjoyed how the chicken remained crispy till the end, quite a mean feat for a katsu curry don especially.


It's all chillax here and there seems to be a band that plays quite regularly, I cannot wait to return to check out other stalls and maybe that Butter Beer mocktail I had my eyes on!

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