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The Wicked Garlic @ Cineleisure Orchard

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These guys practically own the lunch scene at International Plaza and it used to amaze me how people are willing to smell like their lunch. At their second outlet, there's a lot more space and ventilation is so much better!

Gnocchi with Truffle Cream Sauce ($22)
Handmade gnocchi filled with potato, tossed with bacon cream sauce, parmigiano cheese shavings and drizzled with truffle oil

First up, the gnocchis were fried so the classic fans would take offense at this audacious move. I still enjoyed my fried nuggets and found the pairing of bacon cream with cheese terribly filling. Great for sharing else risk a food coma.

Curry Prawn Risotto ($23)
6 King sized prawns, Italian Arborio rice, local curry spices

I love my curries and risottos separately yet when placed together, it ended up way too heavy. The curry powder after taste was overpowering and ended up confusing - was this meant to be a dry curry or risotto dish?

Granchio E Pepe ($15)
Homemade tomato sauce, crab meat, peppercorn

Expectations were already set after going through two very heavy dishes. This was too sweet though the plus point is having more fillings than carbs.

Food is on the richer side at The Wicked Garlic. Perhaps great for the ravenous younger folk and teenagers, else this is an affordable option within Orchard.

The Wicked Garlic
Cineleisure, Level 5

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