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Ten Butter Fingers' Yuzu Chiffon

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Yuzu and chiffon in a single description is my weakness. How strange it is though that every trip to Japan I've not had the heart or willpower to empty my pocket for their produce and then return to pay for these fruity treats. Irony, if you ask me.

By a stoke of luck, I got acquainted with Ten Butter Fingers and scored a booking of her Mother's Day special.

Yuzu Chiffon with edible flowers was such a beaute! My Mom is not a fan of blooms so this design incorporates just that, have your flowers and eat them! Each of her creations are different with a totally different look and feel though they are all florals.


The fragrance is intoxicating, that wafts of citrus that is all of sweet and refreshing. The cake itself is fluffy like clouds and all was going so fine and dandy until the whipped cream ended up heavier than I expected.


I had way more than my usual portion because the cake was simply too yummy and it is chiffon! An indulgence without the full sinful package.

Jenny, the baker, has let slip she is working on a cake menu and I hope to get more of her bakes!

Check them out on instagram @tenbutterfingers

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