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Tempura Ten Ten @ Raffles City

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Tempura Ten Ten joins the stable of tendon restaurants available but their unique selling proposition is, they sell more than just tendon, infact, unagi don and even ramen. Talk about diversification.

Special Tendon ($13.80)

There are a number of customizations, original, spicy or type of rice. I was honestly tempted by truffle rice with a top up of a dollar but the companion mused "truffle oil".

I love how this tendon does not sport the same ingredients as the rest - it does get boring when all restaurants offer exactly the same dish without any differentiation.

Two prawns, pumpkin, meatball with cheese, long bean, mushroom, seaweed on a bed of rice made a decently filling meal for me. This probably suits ladies better and it comes with a side of cabbage and chilli padi as well as miso soup.

The batter is light yet it still ended up soggy less than mid-way and no complaints since the spicy sauce was tantalizing enough to ignore that.

Tempura Ten Ten is a decent tendon place and truly, another place to consider when I'm nursing a tendon craving next time!

Tempura Ten Ten
Raffles City Basement

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