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Salt Tapas and Bar Revisited @ Raffles City

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Having been a customer of Salt Tapas and Bar for so long, I didn't know they offer $19 set lunches, this include a mains and coffee or tea with discounted prices for the dessert and sides.

We were offered crackers and a salsa as an amuse bouche, pretty appetizing stuff.


Westholme wagyu brisket burger, aged cheddar, pickled beetroot, horseradish aioli, parmesan, truffle fries

I hardly get sold on wagyu for beef brisket, this charred slab was smokey, chewy and bore no trace of its wagyu origins. That said, it made a tasty burger and truffle fries that could do with a more generous dash of trufle oil.

Pork Ribs, miso, honey-soy glaze, apple and wasabi slaw, pickled cucumber

The ribs were on the sweet side which is a rib pet peeve for me and I dived in straight for the refreshing slaw and pickled cucumber.
salt 4

Roasted barramundi, mussels, caper berries, fregula in 'crazy water'

Seared to a perfect crisp and soaked in a robust seafood broth and silky pasta grains, I declared it instantly to be the best dish amongst the three we had.


Grilled pita, hummus ($3)

The hummus was on point and so was the grilled pita slices, hardly does hummus disappoint actually, I liked the extra sprinkle of paprika.


Churros ($8)
Dark chocolate sauce, rose water jam, cream

These were too crispy for my liking. I'm beginning to think churros are not quite up my thing.

Pavlova, jasmine and coconut sorbet, rose water cream, pistachios, berries ($12)

With so much going on, this deconstructed pavlova was essentially cream, fruits and meringue kisses.

For the value and ambience, I am definitely not complaining. Things have certainly changed heaps since I last step foot. More set lunches, hopefully!

Salt Tapas and Bar
Raffles City

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