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River Wok @ Mohammad Sultan Road

~Invited Session~

Chef Chookiat presents a mix of dishes from Laos, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam at River Wok, barely a month into his new restaurant. Portions presented were scaled down for 2 pax, though that baffled me for the tasting.


Complimentary keropok, if only these came paired with belachan for some heat.


The bar is open and I scored a yet to be launched coconut drink, a combination of coconut milk and rum. Tropical and somewhat playful with the spiking of rum.


Nam Khao Hor ($14)

Rice paper rolled with minced chicken and roasted rice crumbles was an interesting spring roll, I loved the texture and combination. In fact this worked better than the usual raw vegetable vietnamese spring rolls.


These usually comes in 4's, I was served half as a sampling portion. Do remember to give this a drizzle of their chilli sauce, it's a tasty marriage.


Koi Pa Salmon ($19)
Marinated Norwegian salmon, asian herbs in chilli, lemon juice

The cured salmon was a surprise in this crisp kueh pie tie shell. Refreshing and I would definitely order this again.


Yam Tuapoo Goong Sod ($16)
Wing bean tiger salad

I got reminded of a dry curry rub in an okra salad and uber fresh prawns. This is possibly one of the most surprising salad dishes to date so far, I was least expecting any spice in this and boy was I surprised.


If salads all tasted so good, carnivores have no problems enbracing these greens. 
Pho Bo (Wagyu) ($26)
Sliced wagyu beef


Ready for some piping hot soup dunking?


The soup could do with more heat, we requested for a hotter bowl of soup after several dips did not get my beef cooked more thoroughly.


Pho is not complete without a generous serving of raw bean sprouts too, these give a delightful crunch!


Gaeng Phed Ped Yang ($22)

While I usually head for green curry, red has to be one of the few times. It's mildly sweet, fragrant and the duck meat is first roasted before being simmered in the curry gravy. Tasty stuff!


Khao Neow Ma Muang ($10)

Mango sticky rice with coconut cream is almost a must order every time it appears on the menu. I would have preferred if the coconut cream was served separately.


Banh Chuoi ($12)
Banana fritters, black sesame icecream

I love goring pisang yet the batter here was a tad soggy and black sesame was too strong for the dessert.

My interest is piqued with this whole Indochina cuisine, you bet I will be returning if just for the appetizers and drinks.

River Wok
80 Mohamed Sultan Road
The Pier

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