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Patisserie Ma Maison @ Liang Court

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I enjoy checking out patisseries at Liang Court because it's a collection of quaint Japanese confectioneries and many a time I've been tempted by the butter fragrance that intoxicates. DSC_2961

Two of their best sellers in a snap, strawberry shortcake and strawberry tart. Strawberry season is back!


Of the two, I actually favoured the tart better, glazed strawberries and blueberries atop an almond cake. The shortcake was predictable with the whipped cream, slightly soggy sponge and well composed layers. I guess Henri Chapentier tops my chart for that so this version was still some notches away.

I cannot wait to check out their other promising looking fruit tarts!  If memory serves me right, these go for $6 onwards a slice!

Patisserie Ma Maison
Liang Court Basement, Next to Tampopo Deli

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