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New Lotus Thai Revisited @ Jalan Besar

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My second time at New Lotus Thai and everytime I blog about it I feel like I'm letting more people into my secret dining place but I wish you guys can give them some support too!

I guess I've said how I was apprehensive because it is a halal thai place but lo and behold, between my family my parents have been there even more times than me!


Thai Fish Cakes ($7.80)

Store bought thai fish cakes that ended up overfried, not a fan either way.

Mango Salad ($7.80)

Wickedly spicy and refreshing, this gives the western salads a good run for their money.

Tom Yum Seafood Soup ($13.80)

Habitual is always only choosing clear tom yum goong though I really wanted to try the red version. This was palette tinkling and really spicy and came with enough prawns to go round for our table of 6! So generous for this price point too.

Basil Leaf Chicken ($10.80)


Garlic Kang kong ($8.80)

Stir Fried Baby Kailan ($8.80)

Can't go wrong with vegetable stir fries.


Omelette with Prawn ($9.80)

Ordinary staple thai dishes which have become must orders just because I am having Thai. Anyone else like me?

Steamed Whole Seabass with Lemon Sauce ($28)

This became a must order since the first time I ordered it - especially when the fish is so fresh. Lime and chilli padi have not failed me as a winning combination for tasty gravy, double win for this dish!


Curry Prawn ($12)

Dry thai curries have been a a hit and miss for me and the last I had a thai curry crab in Bangkok I don't remember even being wowed. We do have very good crabs locally and Malaysia and perhaps that has set the expectation for all crab dishes.

Anyhow this was surprisingly very good, a dry curry rub with prawns tossed in egg white curry gravy.


Pineapple Fried Rice ($7.80)

Somehow I prefer the tom yum version better, this was good enough for first timers at a Thai restaurant.


Pad Thai Seafood ($8.80)

This was decent and sweet as expected, I still rave about the fresh seafood they use in their dishes. 

New Lotus Thai has become a family favourite for its pocket friendly prices and delicious fare. May I also add, favourite halal restaurant in town.

New Lotus Thai
145 Jalan Besar

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