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Mother's Day Brunch @ Salted and Hung

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Salted and Hung has been on my favourite list for quite awhile and their Sunday Brunches are such luxurious and diet busting affairs, it took a Mother's Day celebration to heck them all and enjoy my day. Afterall, mothers dine for free that day! So much win.
Charcuterie and Antipasti Bar 

I usually overdose at the first stop and regret later, this time round I tried to be a little smarter but still lost to lack of stomach space. The grilled cauliflower is to die for, that scrummy texture with herbs makes for such a delicious treat.
Smoked Halibut and Caviar Crostini 

Loved the crostini, soso about the smoked halibut and caviar that was oddly bland. DSC_6277
Portobello, Egg on Toast 

Between the crostini and egg on toast, the latter was brunch food dreams. Runny egg yolk, earthy mushrooms and crunchy toast - I can just eat this all brunch long.

 Salmon, Charcoal and Pickles 

Also on their set lunch menu is the cured salmon, a briney and very appetizing salmon with pickles.
Slowcooked Egg, Pancetta and Tomato 


The ultimate egg porn with sundried tomatoes, crispy bacon and a runny egg.
XO Crayfish 

Only at brunch did they highlight this had a supplement for reorders and I was bummed. I definitely looked forward to overdosing on these crustaceans but once again my stomach space failed me and these were by far the best of the brunch menu. Especially that chilli oil that gave it a lingering spiciness, boy, spicy seafood is my weakness.
Homemade Pasta, Mussels and Corn 

Too salty and it was deliberate so we could not bear to finish this and risk filling myself further with water to quench the thirst.
Roasted Pork Belly Porchetta 

This gave the crayfish a run for best main course, crispy skin that literally sang a symphony with every cut made and that joyous combination of jellied fats and meat.
 Lamb Neck, Roasted Vegetables 

A first for me and this was way more tender than pork neck, slightly pink and somehow it was not as impressionable as the other dishes.
Wagyu Tri Tip, Beetroot and Celeriac 

It is a pity this was a tad overcooked and not as melt in the mouth as I'd have expected which was a huge bummer since beetroot and celeriac were on point with the seasoning.
Warm Chocolate Mousse, Cherry and Almond 
 Strawberry N Cream 
 Lemon, Pineapple and Basil 

This reminded me of the grilled pineapples that the Brazilian Churrascaria serves at the end of the buffet. Sweet,tangy and just the palette cleanser needed to reset the tastebuds.

Salted and Hung
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