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Milk Moons @ Takashimaya Food Basement

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Milk Moons, the other cake shop, is a brainchild of the owners behind Chalk Farm and there are similarities between both brands. There are perma flavours that are available and others that are unique to Milk Moons.

Pulut Serunding (2 for $5)
Glutinous rice with fresh coconut cream served with spiced chicken and coconut floss


I was sold on the spiced chicken and coconut floss which reminds of the spicy hae bi hiam that gets sandwiched in my favourite savoury nonya kueh - lemper udang. My main grouse is always not having enough stuffing and this is a dream come true with more stuffing than rice!

Tasty and addictively so, I could have just overdosed on the floss...and perhaps the team should just bottle and sell it. Way tastier than chicken floss alone!

Gula Melaka Chiffon ($4.20)


Their chiffon cake range consists of four different flavours and each comes naked or creamed. Light and so moist, I get sold within the first bite. I adore how thinly coated the cake is and that unmistakenable palm sugar fragrance.

Now...onto more flavours!


Pulut Hitam Chiffon ($3.30)

I decided to try their naked chiffons just for comparison and I'd say these are more moist though strangely sweeter too. I love the pulut hitam fragrance but still prefer Gula Melaka.

Looks like I do have to top up 90 cents for a buttercream coating, still worth the while!

Pandan Chiffon ($4.20)

I opted for mine coated in gula Melaka buttercream and found the chiffon on the dry side, which is a huge pity since the other flavoured chiffons attempted were fluffier!


Chocolate Chiffon ($4.20)

The best of 4 flavours and definitely made for the chocolate lovers. This probably isn't Awfully Chocolate or Lana kinda dense, but for a chocolate chiffon, this definitely made sinless one of its top priorities - I love having my cake and eating it!


Ko Swee (3 for $4.50)

Mix and matching are allowed so I had a go at both pandan and brown sugar kueh ko swee doused generously with coconut strips. The fact that they do not use grated coconut already resonates with me, these are thick, has reasonable bite and the coconut fragrance that oozes out - oh lala. The brown sugar had a lingering after taste which I thought was better masked by the pandan flavoured version.

Kuih Ubi Kayu (3 for $4.50)
Steamed tapioca cake served with fine coconut and toasted sesame seeds

These are famous at Maxwell Market and usually sold out by 2pm. Those melt in the mouth babies are famous because of its texture, soft, fluffy almost like marshmellows and Milk Moons' version has more tapioca in it. The fine coconut and sesame seeds definitely made it more fragrant.

Bingka Ubi Kayu ($2.60)
Baked tapioca cake with coconut and eggs

This was a lot denser than the kuih version and a tad too burnt. I like how every mouth has tapioca pulp and this humble dessert definitely deserves seconds.

Pulut Tai Tai (3 slices, $4.50)
Pressed glutinous rice cake with fresh coconut cream and pure blue pea flower extract, served with Milk Moons kaya

I had high hopes for this given how their kueh salats have not disappointed and this is kueh salat deconstructed!

The pea flower rice was too stiff though and kaya too sweet.


Gula Melaka Kueh Salat ($5.80)

This is from the Chalk Farm range and their kueh salats in general have not disappointed. The kaya custard as usual is fragrant and so lusciously melts in the mouth. Also worth a mention is the glutinous rice perfected in consistency, I love mine chewy, soft and sticky.


Pandan Gula Melaka Battenberg Cake ($6.40)

I can stare all day at it, albeit not the neatest of squares but the symmetry of it is so captivating. Fluffy with hints of pandan in the green squares and gula melaka in the frosting, I have sworn to try the other flavours too!

I could have just rekindled my love for Chalk farm and its sister brand by eating through so many pieces and they keep releasing new items - I guess more reason to return too!

Milk Moons
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